UHPLC (Isocratic) Analysis of 14 Cannabinoids on Ascentis® Express C18

UHPLC (Isocratic) Analysis of 14 Cannabinoids on Ascentis(R) Express C18


Dionex/Thermo Electron Ultimate 3000 HPLC
Ascentis Express C18, 15 cm x 2.1 mm, 2.7 µm
mobile phase [A] 0.1% formic acid in water; [B] 0.1% formic acid in acetonitrile
30/70 [A] / [B]
flow rate 0.6 mL/min
pressure 6390 psi
column temp. 20 °C
detector UV at 230nm
injection 2 µL
sample 25 µg/mL 14 Cannabinoid mix in acetonitrile


Analysis Note Cannabinoids are a group of active compounds found in cannabis. They reportedly provide relief to an assortment of symptoms in the treatment of pain, nausea, anxiety, mood disorders, and inflammatory diseases. Cannabinoids imitate naturally occurring compounds and interact with two specific types of receptors: CB1 and CB2, located in the nervous system and immune system, respectively. Shown here is an isocratic separation of fourteen cannabinoids in less than twelve minutes on an Ascentis® Express C18 column. Cerilliant cannabinoid CRMs provide reliable identification and quantification. These standards are used in testing methods by GC/MS, LC/MS, or HPLC for applications in clinical toxicology, testing of cannabis potency or impurity profiling by growers, pharmaceutical research, forensic analysis, and urine drug testing.
Legal Information Ascentis is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC


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