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Pipeline - Online Workflow and Authorisation Tools

If your organisation requires special handling of orders, we can help by setting up special Work-flow and authorisation tools using the Pipeline capability of our website. Pipeline builds on the online ordering capability by applying authorisation levels to your Sigma-Aldrich website profile. It enables individuals and Purchasing Agents to submit & authorise orders via our website so final approval must be made before an order is processed by Sigma-Aldrich.

Online Ordering with levels of approval

  • PIPELINE is set up by a Sigma-Aldrich eCommerce Specialist and links all website profiles to your organisation.
  • Individuals can place orders, have a list of Favourite products or Saved Carts, but orders they place will not be processed by Sigma-Aldrich until it is approved by the designated Approver(s).
  • Once an order is submitted for approval, an email is sent to the Approver who can go directly to the order from a link in the email, check the order and click 'Approve' or'Deny'
  • Each Individual or Purchasing Agent can have a unique login Login Name and password
  • Group profiles can also be created allowing consolidation of one or more Saved carts

Set up to 4 levels of approval

PIPELINE can be set up to so that an authoriser can approve all orders, orders over a certain value, orders in which a single item value is over a particular amount or order that contain a particular product type. Some of the options also available at the time of approving an order are:

  • Add Payment Information such as a Purchase order Number or Credit Card Number
  • Enter Accounting information such as Cost Centre or GL Account Codes
  • Add internal reference numbers such as a Fund Number
  • Check the validity of pre-defined Credit Card details