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Website & SDS Online Support

Use this page to view information and troubleshoot common website & SDS problems. This page alos includes information about personalising your website profile and shopping cart.

Problems with displaying SDS documents

If you are having problems with displaying an SDS document on the Sigma-Aldrich website, you can view our SDS troubleshooting section

Personalising your website profile & shopping cart

At you can modify how the online Shopping Cart is displayed by showing and hiding particular options in your profile.

The table below outlines the features you can modify in your profile that will affect how your Shopping Cart is displayed.


Item Description Reason
Site Customisation Options
Hide Your Reference Field The 'Your Reference' field can be used to enter reference information for each item on an order Check this box if you don't order for multiple persons or don't require any additional information for each ordered item.
Hide Promotional Code Field The Promotional Code field is used to enter Sigma-Aldrich Promotional Codes for each item on an order Check this box if you don't have to enter any Sigma-Aldrich Promotional Codes when ordering online.
Hide Quote Capability Request/Create or view Quotes online Check this box if you don't need to create or view quotations for Sigma-Aldrich
Disable Quick Ordering The Quick Ordering section in the Shopping Cart is used to quickly enter Payment Information such as Purchase Order Number or Credit Card details and then quiclky submit the order online Check this box if you want to enter Payment Information in the Payment Information section when ordering online or you don't want to use the Quick Submit process
Hide UN Number An item UN Number indicates that the item is Dangerous Goods and may require additional Shipping Charges and special storage conditions Check this box if you don't need to display the UN Number for each item
Hide Tarriff Code An Tariff Code indicates additional shipping information about the item Check this box if you don't need to display the Tariff Code for each item
Preferred Billing Address Outlines how the billing address is defined based on how you order from Sigma-Aldrich Select the most applicable Ordering Method to define how the Billing Address is determined
Maximum Number of Orders on Portal Determines the maximum amount of Orders that can be displayed in your Most Recent Order(s) list Enter a number of Orders to display (default is 3)
Maximum Number of Quotes on Portal Determines the maximum amount of Quotations that can be displayed in your Most Recent Quote(s) list Enter a number of Quotes to display (default is 3)
Cart Customisation Options
Hide Cart Shipping Methods Only one Shipping Method applies to Sigma-Aldrich orders shipped from Australia Default is hidden as only one shipping Method applies
Hide Cart Order Text Cart Order Text can be used to enter additional comments to the order. Any information entered into this field is reviewed by a Customer Service Representative and may delay your order Check this box if you don't need to enter additional comments for an order placed on the website
Hide Cart Addresses Address information is displayed when ordering online enabling you to modify Shipping Address details Check this box if you don't need to view or modify the address information of any of your orders
Hide Cart Payment Info The Cart Payment Information section allows you to enter payment information such as Credit Card details or Purchase Order Numbers Check this box if you have payment information saved in your profile (such as credit Card details). These details would apply to all orders
Default Number of Open Lines on Cart The number of open lines that appear in your Shopping Cat when Placing a New Order Enter a number of lines you would initially like available when creating a new order


Secure online ordering

You can be assured that the information you give us to process your quotation is both private and secure. is registered with Verisign™ and data sent between Sigma-Aldrich Web servers and your computer is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This protects the data while it travels over the Internet. Additionally, your name will not be added to the Sigma-Aldrich mailing list unless you request it.

Real-time online demonstrations & support

Sigma-Aldrich provides real-time online support to step you through any process on our website, all while you sit at the comfort of your desk!

Let us demonstrate the rich benefits of our award-winning site with it's growing library of product information, Online Order Centre and Search capabilities.