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Order via the Sigma-Aldrich Website

Place an order with Sigma-Aldrich directly via the Sigma-Aldrich website using your website profile. If you have an existing account and would like to order online, simply request access via the link below.

Complete an order in 4 simple steps

Search & order - search for products and add them to your Cart

  1. Search for a product using the comprehensive online Search Centre
  2. Add item to your Cart
  3. View cart & enter your payment details (Credit Card and/or Purchase Order Number)
  4. Click 'Submit Order'

Order using the Quick Order Form - enter your products directly into our Quick Order Form

  1. Enter the product numbers in the Quick Order Form and confirm product pack sizes
  2. Add items to your Cart
  3. Enter your payment details (Credit Card and/or Purchase Order Number)
  4. Click 'Submit Order'

Price & Availability and Product Information

Product Pricing - view product pricing when ordering or searching for products

  • List Price
  • Discounted or Promotional price

Product Availability - verify that a product is available for immediate delivery and determine:

  • If the product is in stock
  • How many are in stock and how many are on backorder
  • If a product has been discountinued

Product estimated lead times - plan ahead by viewing the quantities and estimated lead-time for products not in stock.

Packaging Information - use the 'Additional Product Information' icon to view additional Packaging Information about a product such as Wet/Dry Ice, IATA information such as UN Number and Tariff Code and Product CAS Number.

Regulatory & Compliance Information -use the 'Compliance Information' icon which only is displayed when a product contains Regulatory & Compliance Information to determine whether the product requires review prior to shipping.

SDS Documents - obatin direct access to a SDS for any product on your online order by using the SDS icon link.

Secure Online Ordering

You can be assured that the information you give us to process your quotation is both private and secure. is registered with Verisign™ and data sent between Sigma-Aldrich Web servers and your computer is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This protects the data while it travels over the Internet. Additionally, your name will not be added to the Sigma-Aldrich mailing list unless you request it.

Multiple Payment Options

Conveniently order from us using a Credit Card or enter a Purchase Order Number to pay via your Sigma-Aldrich account. To save time, Credit Card details can be saved in your website profile so that each time you place an order online the Credit Card will be automatically debited.

Save work in progress as a Saved Cart

Use the "Save Cart" feature to place an order on hold.
The order can be activated later, plus products can be added or deleted. You can therefore save money by consolidating your multiple orders into one.

Consolidate Multiple Saved Carts

You can also use the "Save Cart" feature to save multiple Shopping Carts. The multiple Carts can then be easily consolidated into a single Shopping Cart and submitted to us as a single order. You save time & money by only submitting one order and pay even les Freight as only one Consignment is sent.

View the status of your Sigma-Aldrich orders

Check the status of any order online – whether you placed the order via phone, fax, or Web. Search by using any of the following methods:

  • Product Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Date Range
  • Sigma-Aldrich Order Reference Number