Large-scale industrialized production of adherent-dependent cultures for cell-based therapies requires not only optimized upstream processes, but downstream processes as well. Our products not only address upstream cell expansion that allows for high cell yields, but also our downstream solutions that enable effective cell separation from substrates to achieve high cell recovery.

  • Increased lot-to-lot consistency
  • Raw material traceability
  • Demonstrated feasibility of adherence-dependent cells
  • Scalable downstream manufacturing

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Recombinant trypsin and trypsin inhibitors provide safe, yet effective results as shown in the following figures. (A) hMSCs were cultured on microcarriers and incubated with the indicated concentrations of CellPrime rTrypsin for 15 min in order to determine minimal effective concentration required for detachment. (B) Effective concentrations of two animal origin-free trypsin inhibitors were determined using pre-incubating rTrypsin hMSC.





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  • Effective methods for high recovery of hMSCs from microcarriers
  • Concentration strategies for rTrypsin and trypsin-specific inhibitors that are animal-origin free
  • Stirred-tank bioreactor systems that enable closed, controlled downstream processing
  • through the following paper: Harvest of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Microcarriers

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