BioReliance® Pharma & Biopharma Manufacturing & Testing Services

Biopharmaceutical Characterization and Safety Testing

MilliporeSigma BioReliance® is the world class leader in biosafety testing and viral vector manufacturing, supporting every phase of the testing and development of your therapeutics. Whether you are looking for final product release support for your cell therapeutics or viral vector needs for your gene-modified cell therapies, our mission is to partner with you to provide reliable and faster testing to ensure regulatory approval of drugs.  

With leading industry turnaround time, our comprehensive GMP and GLP biosafety testing services include:

  • Cell line characterization
  • Final product release testing
  • Raw material testing
  • Immunoassay and cell-based assay services
  • Bulk lot release testing
  • Long and short-term biorepository storage of cell banks
  • Viral clearance studies

As a product innovator and CDMO with more than 20 years of experience, MilliporeSigma provides BioReliance(R) viral and gene therapy manufacturing services to support your accelerated clinical programs in gene-modified cell therapeutics. Our service offering spans from small scale toxicology and phase I materials to commercial-scale manufacturing.

  • cGMP manufacturing of viral products
  • cGMP cell and virus banking
  • cGMP aseptic fill/ finish
  • Process development focused on early process optimization and scale-up
  • Technology transfer

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Choosing the right partner for biosafety testing and product characterization services is paramount to the success of regulatory approval and your cell therapy program.

Learn more about our virus and gene therapy manufacturing CDMO.

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