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Technical Bulletins
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AL-102 Boric Acid Gel for Column Chromatography
AL-106 Dihydropyran (3,4-Dihydro-2H-pyran)
AL-109 Disiamylborane & Thexylborane Preparation Kits
AL-110 Oxalyl Chloride
AL-111 Tips on Storing Teflon® Stopcock-Equipped Glassware
AL-114 4-DMAP (4-Dimethylaminopyridine)
AL-115 18-Crown-6 (1,4,7,10,13,16-Hexaoxacyclooctadecane)
AL-116 MCPBA (m-Chloroperoxybenzoic Acid)
AL-118 Polybrene® (HTML)
AL-119 The Firestone* Valve: A Rapid-Purge Valve for Controlled-Atmosphere Work
AL-122 Diisopropyl Fluorophosphate (DFP; Diisopropyl Phosphorofluoridate; Dyflos; Isopropyl Fluorophosphate)
AL-123 Quantitative Analysis of Active Metals and Metal Hydrides via Gas Buret
AL-125 BOC-ON [2-(tert-Butoxycarbonyloxyimino)-2-phenylacetonitrile]
AL-126 The Cytochalasins
AL-128 1,2,6-Hexanetriol (1,2,6-Trihydroxyhexane)
AL-133 Hammett Indicator Set
AL-134 Handling Air-Sensitive Reagents
AL-136 Sure/PacTM Cylinder System: The Packaging and Recommended Transfer Procedures for Air Sensitive Materials
AL-138 Suba·Seal® Septa Set
AL-141 Instructions for Handling Glass Bottles of Sulfur Trioxide, Stabilized
AL-142 Ion-Exchange Resins and Related Polymeric Adsorbents (HTML)
AL-143 Mineral Adsorbents, Filter Agents, and Drying Agents (HTML)
AL-145 Purpald® reagent (HTML)
AL-151 Gas Regulators - Selection and Installation
AL-154 Inhibitor Removers and Prepacked Columns
AL-164 Handling Pyrophoric Reagents
AL-176 Triphosgene [Bis(trichloromethyl) Carbonate]
AL-180 Diazald, MNNG and Diazomethane Generators - Updated in September 2004
AL-181 Deuterium Oxide: 100.0 Atom % D, Low in Paramagnetic Impurities, Minimum Isotopic Purity 99.96 Atom % D
AL-182 Procedure for Transferring Dodecafluorocyclohexane from the Ampule
AL-183 Cochranes Molecular Models
AL-194 Giant Molecular Models - Kit Components and Open-Stock Parts
AL-195 Instructions for Using the Oxford Sure/SealTM Valve-Cap
AL-198 Safe-PurgeTM Valve
AL-201 Pure-Pac® System
AL-202 Cross-Purge for Gas Cylinders
AL-203 Microparticle Size Standards
AL-207 Aldolase Antibody 38C2 murine catalytic monoclonal antibody
(Product Nos. 479950 and 481572)
AL-208 UN-Pac Packing System and Transfer Procedure for Type C (Europe only)
AL-209 UN-Pac Packing System and Transfer Procedure for Type DS (Europe only)
AL-210 VerSA-Flow™ Can and Drum Dispensing Systems - Added in February 2003
AL-212 MolyMod® Molecular Model Sets - Added in May 2003
AL-214 Spin-Coating System
AL-217 Negative Photoresist Kit
AL-218 New, Safer, Amine-Stabilized Borane-Tetrahydrofuran Solutions for Hydroboration and Reduction
AL-219 Cleaning Procedures for Kugelrohr Vacuum Drive Unit
AL-220 Guide to Selecting and Using Fritted Glassware
AL-221 Reuniting Separated Thermometer Columns
AL-222 Installation Notes for Pump N' Pour Adapter (Product No. Z557757)
AL-223 Description of Pyrex Glass
AL-224 Description of Soda Lime Glass
AL-225 Description of Vycor Glass
AL-226 Description of Zinc Titania Glass
AL-227 Thermal Properties of Corning Glassware
AL-228 Suggestions for Cleaning Glassware
AL-229 Syringe Needle Conversion Chart
AL-230 Pressure Conversion Chart
AL-231 Properties of Elastomers Chart
AL-232 Swivel McLeod Gauge Oil Type
AL-233 Properties and Membrane Compatibility of Filter Papers
AL-234 Lecture-Bottle Station Instructions
AL-235 Kilo-Lab™ Cylinder Packaging System and Transfer Procedure
AL-236 Pure-Pac® II System
AL-249 Sure/Pac Station Instructions
AL-254 Strip-Fuge™ Operating Instructions
AL-258 Pure Solv™ Solvent Purification Systems
AL-259 Safe Handling Practices of Glass and Glassware for Research and Student Laboratories
AL-263 Kilo-Lab® System

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