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Product Overview, Design, and Ordering

Synonym: AQUA peptide, Isotopically labeled peptide, PEPscreen, peptide array, peptide library, peptide microarray

Custom Peptides

  • High quality peptide synthesis using FMOC and/or BOC chemistries
  • Sequence length: 2-40mer
  • Amount: up to 1 gram
  • Purity Levels: Unpurified, 70%, 80%, 95%
  • Comprehensive Modification offering including, FRET, C-terminal aldehyde, phosphorylation, multiple disulfide bonds, etc.
  • Format: Supplied lyophilized
  • QC Analysis: All peptides by HPLC and MS; additional analysis available upon request
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Peptide Library Design

  • Design overlapping peptide fragment libraries, alanine scanning libraries, truncation libraries and positional scanning libraries
  • Set custom sequence parameters (peptide length and amino acid offset)
  • Format the sequence output
  • Export the custom peptide library sequences (MS Word, Excel, etc.)

PEPscreen®: Custom Peptide Libraries

  • Suitable for robotic production of peptide microarrays
  • Screen mulitple proteotyptic peptides and rapidly characterize and select mass spec compatible peptides
  • Get results quick with delivery of your peptide library in less than 7 business days
  • Sequence Length: 6 to 20 amino acids
  • Amount: 0.5-2mg or 2-5mg
  • Modifications:  Comprehensive offering including phosphorylation, biotin, fluorescein, stable isotopes, etc.
  • Format: Supplied dry in a 96 well tube rack
  • Options: Normalization and aliquoting (stock and copy libraries)
  • Minimum library size of 24 peptides
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AQUA™ Peptides

  • Accurately quantitate low abundance proteins
  • Measure site-specific phosphorylation states
  • Validate gene silencing at the protein level
  • Custom peptides are available either without stable isotope labeling, or with stable isotope labeling
  • Stable-isotope labeled AQUA™ Peptide seqeunces contain one isotopically labeled amino acid
  • Sequence Length: 5 to 30 amino acids
  • Amount: 5 x 1 nmole
  • Purity: >95% by RP-HPLC
  • Modifications: phosphorylation (Ser, Thr, Tyr), carboxymethylated Cys, carbamidomethylated Cys, hydroxyproline, N-terminal biotin (please inquire regarding other modifications)
  • Quantification by amino acid analysis (AAA)
  • Format: Supplied dry
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