Videos & Web Seminars

Air Monitoring Videos & Webinars
ASSET™ Air Sampler for Isocyanates Video: This sampler is easy to use, and offers ultimate sensitivity for vapor phase and particulate isocyanates.
Thermal Desorption Adsorbents webinar: Key parameters and practical tips for selecting an adsorbent for your thermal desorption gas chromatography applications
Innovations in Pumped Air Sampling: Join us live for our webinar on the latest innovations in pumped air sampling with the American Industrial Hygiene Association
GC Webinars
Access the collection of our most useful on-demand webinars through the GC Learning Center.

HPLC Videos & Webinars
Learn about HPLC separation theory and applications through our on-demand web seminars. Topics range from column fundamentals to selecting the right column.

SPE and HybridSPE® Videos & Webinars
Sample Preparation for Food Analysis: New Technologies and Techniques
SPE Fundamentals and Recent Developments webinar: covers interaction mechanisms, tips for selection, and method development.
Supel™ QuE Z-Sep video: Enhanced sample cleanup for complex matrices, removes more fat and color than traditional QuEChERS phases
Supel Tox video: Sample cleanup for mycotoxin analysis is accomplished in fewer steps, with better reproducibility and higher sample throughput.
HybridSPE video: Innovative sample prep technology for effective removal of phospholipids and proteins for accurate and reproducible LC-MS Analyses
Sample Cleanup For The Analysis of Compounds in Edible Oil webinar: Simple, effective extraction of lipophilic persistent organic pollutants from oil samples.
SPME Videos and Webinars
SPME videos illustrate the use, benefits, versatility, and portability of our unique sampling technique that would be a useful complement to most GC/HPLC chromatography laboratories.
SPME Method Development for Food Analysis
Basic Principles of Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Method Development
Developing Simplified Methods for Quantifying Analytes using SPME