Milliflex Oasis® Filtration System for Bioburden and Pharmaceutical Water Testing

Unmatched comfort in microbial testing

Milliflex Oasis® system for pharmaceutical water and bioburden testingMembrane filtration is the method of choice for water and bioburden testing. We have taken time to closely observe your complete laboratory workflow to identify improvement areas and developed, hand-in-hand with users, a solution that simplifies and secures your microbial testing process.

Vacuum pump and filtration funnels

The Milliflex Oasis® vacuum pump is designed for biosafety cabinets and laminar flow hoods, with a small footprint, low weight and easy to decontaminate surfaces. The funnels standardize handling steps and reduce filtration time thanks to new drainage design. Our touch-free membrane transfer increases result reliability, independent from the operator.

With our new Milliflex Oasis® system, we raised comfort in bioburden testing to new levels:


• Fast hardware set-up and 50%
  faster filtration time
• Hardware scalability: attach up to
  three pumps and filter 6 samples
  with a single push of a button
• Reduced decontamination time
  and maintenance, no need for


Regulatory compliance
• Compliance with USP, EP and JP
• Labels with 2D Code on the
  packaging: lot number and
  expiration date can be checked
  and recorded as mentioned in the
  USP <1117>
• Detachable label on
  primary/secondary package for
  easy transfer to log books


Result reliability
• Operator independent
• Touch-free membrane transfer
• Perfect contact between the
  membrane and the media plate
• A check valve situated in the
  pump head prevents
  contamination from backflow


Milliflex® culture media

Ready-to-use solid media culture cassettes for use with the Milliflex Oasis® system for bioburden testingOur media plates are designed for perfect contact between membrane and culture media. The unique plate color coding offers the con¬trol of critical handling steps all along the workflow. The Milliflex Rack & Stack®  feature also includes a lockable lid for safe transportation and incubation. Together, these innova¬tions help to reduce the risk of false results.
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Rapid detection methods

Rapid detection method for microbial testingThe Milliflex® Quantum system can reduce your time-to-result by up to one third compared to traditional methods, enabling faster release or corrective actions. It works perfectly with the Milliflex Oasis® system.
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Milliflex Oasis® services

Our experienced scientists and engineers provide comprehensive services to ensure regulatory compliance as well as optimal testing workflows and equipment performance with our validation, training and maintenance services.
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