Custom Products

The Analytical division of Sigma-Aldrich has decades of expertise in the following technologies and competencies:

  • Analytical Reagent Production, Packaging, Handling & Documentation
  • Standards and CRMs Production and Testing
  • Advanced HPLC Column Packing Technology, Micro- to Preparative scale
  • 30 Years of Experience in Coatings for GC; Polar to Non-Polar Phases; Ionic Liquids
  • Sorbent Particle Technology & Packing; Unique Phase Chemistries and Selectivities
  • Exceptional Knowledge of Carbon Production
  • Customer-Specific Solutions for Production, Filling, Packaging, Storage, Logistics
  • Surface Deactivation and Passivation Technology
  • Resins and Media

Request a custom quotation for the product categories listed below:

GC Columns

Packed GC, Capillary GC
HPLC Columns

HPLC Colums and bulk phases
Analytical Standards

Inorganic and organic standards, kits
Analytical Reagents

Reagents and kits
SPE Products

Tubes and Plates, QuEChERS
SPME Fibers

Fibers and Field Samplers
Air Sampling Tubes

ORBO™ Tubes, TDU Tubes