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[Tetrabutyl titanate hydrolysis prepared TiO2 photocatalysis loaded with platinum technology].

Huan jing ke xue= Huanjing kexue (2002-05-04)
Beidou Xi, Hongliang Liu

Photocatalysts Pt/TiO2 coated on hollow glass beads were prepared by tetrabutyl titanate hydrolysis with Sodium silicate on hollow glass beads at various condition and loaded with platinum varying from 0.2% to 2.4% by weight. Sodium pentachlorophenolate (PCP-Na) solution were used to examined for their photoactivity and characterized by X-ray and BET. The results indicated that the optimization condition to prepare photocatalysts: Water to titanium alkoxides was 100, Sintering temperature was 650 degrees C, Diameter of hollow glass beads was 0.5 mm, TiO2: sodium silicate: hollow glass beads was 10:2.5:20, Platinum content of photocatalysts was about 1.4%-1.6%. When the experiments were carried out in such conditions, the initial concentration of PCP-Na was 100 mg/L, initial pH was 6.5, oxygen flux was 1.6 mL/s, illumination intensity was 30 kW.m-2, catalysts was 2 g/L, illumination time was 2 hours, respectively. Then the rates removals of PCP-Na could reach 92.0%.

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Titanium(IV) butoxide, reagent grade, 97%
Titanium(IV) butoxide, purum, ≥97.0% (gravimetric)
Titanium(IV) butoxide, polymer

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