Buffer & Media Prep

Buffer and media preparation play a critical role in manufacturing operations affecting process efficiency, safety, and yield. Our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality cell culture media, buffers, and pH adjusters are supported by extensive, easily accessible, quality documentation packages to support risk assessments and meet your compliance needs.

Our single-use mixers are ideally suited for buffers and media prep and offer options for gentle mixing of protein and shear sensitive products as well as hard to dissolve materials and buffers. These mixers increase flexibility and production capacity by reducing start up time and minimizing process down time.

For bioburden control, our portfolio of time tested bioburden reduction and sterilizing filters can meet the buffer and media filtration needs for every process while our virus retentive filters offer an additional level of biosafety assurance for more critical applications.

Buffers & pH Adjusters

Our broad portfolio of buffer materials manufactured according to GMP guidelines includes excipients specifically for drug formulation and manufacturing, including high-risk applications. Whether your product is a small or large molecule drug, we offer high-quality buffers and pH adjusters with regulatory support.

Capsule and cartridge filters for processing buffers
Buffer Filtration

There are multiple options for buffer filtration in biomanufacturing. Filter selection is based on process biosafety needs, buffer throughput and economics. Filters for processing buffers in biomanufacturing provide bioburden control, sterilizing-grade or virus retention performance.

Media Filtration

Cell culture media filtration prevents bioreactor contamination. Selection of a sterilizing filter, mycoplasma filter, or virus filter depends on process risk.  Learn how to select the best filter for your cell culture media filtration.

Mobius® single-use mixing solutions, ranging from 10 L to 3,000 L for biomanufacturing process needs
Single-use Mixers

Our complete range of Mobius® single-use mixing solutions can meet your needs for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients from intermediate to final drug products, as well as preparation of process solutions such as buffers and media.

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